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About Us

What we are about

2QuoteItNOW is a subsidiary of 2TurnItON. 2QuoteItNOW specializes in real-time business utility service rate quoting. 2QuoteItNOW supports the sales operation from first time quoting through the entire contract process in addition to managing renewals.

2QuoteItNOW helps utility service companies utilize the latest technology by providing a complete solution for quoting and contract processing. Clients of 2QuoteItNOW support commercial sales activities including mass market and custom C&I 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whenever and wherever it is convenient to your sales force and the customer, 2QuoteItNOW is there to support the transaction process.

Why you need us

If you select all or part of our customizable features, we can help you increase the number of closed sales and improve your margins without increasing your internal payroll cost.

Our Technology

2QuoteItNow is a registerd Microsoft Partner. We used the latest technology from Microsoft to ensure the best performance and highest system availablity.

Our software platform runs on Microsoft Windows web servers, SQL server and our portal interface is designed to work best with Internet Explorer on your Desktop as well as on your Windows Mobile PAD or Smart Phone.

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