Credit Operations

Ability to interact with one or more credit agencies in non P.O.R markets. Calculate deposit requirements based on your criteria.

Quoting Efficiency

How many additional sales could you close if there was no limit to the number of new and refreshed quotes you could process in a day?

Maximize Profits

Don't get caught off guard allowing sales to go through that do not meet your minimum return requirements. Let our systems help you insure that each sale meets your minimum operation and profit requirements by eliminating human error.

Automated Contract generation ensures all your business rules are followed. Contracted load is reported in real-time to purchasing and traders to maximize market opportunities. EFL generated for each Small Commercial contract to comply with PUC requirements (Texas Markets). Upload counter signed contracts and support documents to portal. Identify and control your renewals with auto renewal generation.

Real-time integration with credit bureaus. Automated approvals based on your companies specific credit criteria. Escalation for manual approvals based on your business guidelines.

Potential Loss report tracking and administration. Damages calculation for breaches and/or estimates requested by customer. Breach notifications and damages notification to billing.

Quote seamlessly across multiple channels, for multiple products and TDSPs. Automated Letter of Authorization generation, submittal to TDSP and historical usage data importation. Dynamic margin management allows you to customize your quote for each client to maximize your margin on each contract. Update pricing models any time of day. All changes or adjustments are instantly reflected in all sales channels.


Ability to electronicaly sign and countersign agreements, insuring all business rules are followed.


Since our platform is customized to how you do business you can save time and money on IT development and implementation.


You have the ability to customize and implement all or part of your sales functions, management functions and contract functions at one time or separtly based on your needs.